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Kudos to Mike Coombes with Kissing The Frog, who converted to a prince the chaotic website ideas of a frog so technologically challenged that its GPS was printed by Rand McNally thirty years ago.

And to Jacqueline Pérez, who kissed a frog with photography.
Dean Murphy kisses the frog.

Breast cancer awareness has been a mission in my life, since
a friend died from the disease that claims a quarter million
lives each year. In 1998, I walked 87 miles in 25 hours, from
Palm Beach to Miami, to get media attention the week before
Race For The Cure. A spinal injury in 2003 permanently ended my physical efforts to raise awareness.

Now, I do whatever I can to raise awareness and funds for Susan G. Komen For The Cure and American Cancer Society. Watch this site for additional information as it comes available.

For the Florida Writers Association Conference each October in Orlando, I make two thousand Pink Ribbons. I encourage people to use the Pink Ribbon after National Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a bookmark, to always keep a Pink Ribbon close to the heart. Thank you for participating in any event that advances cancer research or awareness. If a cure for cancer is developed it will likely be because breast cancer can easily be talked about, whereas prostate and colon cancers are difficult for some to speak of.



          think Pink
Florida Writers Association

  Bookmark For The Cure

The Komen Foundation gave Pink Ribbons to participants in the 1991 race for breast cancer survivors. In 1992, Alexandra Penney, editor of Self magazine, was working on the second National Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue. Evelyn Lauder, Estee Lauder's corporate vice president, was invited to be the guest editor of the NBCAM edition. Penney and Lauder created the idea of a Pink Ribbon, and asked the cosmetics giant to distribute them.

Florida Writers Association asks you to use a Pink Ribbon as a bookmark, to keep one close to your heart all year, not just for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Simply use the Pink Ribbon as a bookmark. Please promote FWA's Bookmark For The Cure on your blog site. Think Pink.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift. That's why we call it The Present.
~Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)


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