I’ve been fortunate to interview celebrity authors. When Judith Krantz published her
phenom novels in the 1970s, an interview request was granted. I left rural North Carolina for
Beverly Hills 90210, to interview the superstar author at her North Rexford Drive home. The
interview and review were published by Writer’s Digest and Charlotte Observer. According
to Jewish Women’s Archive, “Krantz is the third-largest-selling female novelist in history.”

The Krantz interview cost a month’s salary and earned a whopping $125. With Internet and email,
the cost of interviewing decreased significantly. The following are some interviews conducted at
considerably less cost, but which were far more rewarding. International Thriller Writers engaged
me to write features for ITW’s The Big Thrill.

Marie Bostwick introduced Florida Writers Association's 7th anthology with a video entitled
Revisions: Stories of Starting Over. Mary Burton created a video about the craft of writing,
One draft at a time,” which Burton adapted to an artile in The Florida Writer.
referred to R.J. Ellory as “the Stephen King of crime fiction.” He discusses the craft of writing in a
video at Write on! with R.J. Ellory.


The 2017 Matt Coyle interview features the 4th Rick Cahill book, Blood Truth.

The December 2016 Matt Coyle interview concerns Dark Fissures

The June 2017 John Gilstrap interview concerns his first hardcover, Final Target.

Tosca Lee thrills readers with this May 2017 interview [See review of Firstborn]

The June 2016 interview with John Gilstrap was thrilling! [See review of Friendly Fire.]

Here’s the John Gilstrap interview. [See Bookreporter review of Against All Enemies.]

Check out the Matt Coyle interview. [See review here.]

The Florida Writer’s interview with Marie Bostwick is on pages 14-16.

Marie Bostwick interview concerning The Second Sister. [See Bookreporter review.]

RJ Ellory’s Saints of New York is intense. [See review here.]
Ellory reads the first chapter of “SONY”, and here’s the link to see the trailer.

Sam Cabot’s Blood of the Lamb is a historical thriller set in Rome.

The Mojito Coast by Richard Helms is hardboilded PI lure set in 1958 Cuba.

The Hidden Third by Wilf Nussey is a political thriller set in 1994 South Africa.

Daco’s debut The Libra Affair balances intrigue in a romantic suspense thriller.

Tosca Lee’s Iscariot: A Novel of Judas is a tale of the man behind betrayal.

Lenin's Harem by William Burton McCormick is a historic thriller set in WWI.

David Rich’s Caravan of Thieves “busts out of the chute and never stops bucking.”

The Void by Brett J. Talley is horror in deep outer space.

Timothy Hallinan thrills readers with The Fear Artist, set in steamy Bangkok.

Donna del Oro releases The Delphi Bloodline and A Bodyguard of Lies.

The Lingering Dead is a dark paranormal thriller by J.N. Duncan.

Carpathia by Matt Forbeck is sort of Titanic meets 30 Days of Night.

A Quiet Vendetta, a thriller by “the Stephen King of crime fiction,” R.J. Ellory.

Dave Zeltserman’s A Killer’s Essence has “jalapeño-hot suspense.”

R.J. Ellory earned Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year Award 
       for A Simple Act of Violence [see also review].

In Eric Van Lustbader’s Blood Trust, “Alli comes into her own as an adult.”

For Steven Paul Leiva, Hollywood is an All-Volunteer Army.

Matt Forbeck’s Vegas Knights “is a paranormal thriller in the city of secrets.”

Daniel Palmer’s Delirious “is a thrill-seeker’s delight.”

Stefan Petrucha transcends time in Blood Prophecy.

R.J. Ellory’s Anniversary Man is an intense crime thriller (& Bookreporter review).

Kevin O’Brien is not a Vicious writer, he’s magnificent!

Kathleen and Michael Gear put People of the Longhouse into high gear.

Ridley Pearson has a killer thriller series that includes Killer Summer.

R.J. Ellory thrills readers with A Quiet Belief In Angels (& Bookreporter review).

John Gilstrap’s Jonathan “Digger” Grave shows No Mercy (& Bookreporter review).







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